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What VPS setup I need to run 10,000 threads?


1. I need to scale the posting, what is the best way to scale the submission rate? 

2. If I buy the high spec VPS, can the software handle 10,000 threads? If so, what spec do I need if I get it from Do I need 10GBps VPS?

3. How many proxy do I need to run 10k threads?

** Pls note that I do not need to scrape the web, as I have ten of millions of urls that GSA WC just need to find the contact page and post.

Thank you.


  • yc123yc123 Singapore
    any suggestion? @Sven
  • DataRatDataRat Inside the walls
    As WC is 32-bit you'll run out of memory before you hit 10,000 threads (about 4GB max). Best to start at 500 and increase from there to find a good tolerance. An X-8GB from should be all you need. As for proxies, go for 1 proxy per 10 threads.
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