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I am currently evaluating Keyword Research for my needs. I found that it does not provide data like SV, CPC for various keywords manually added or scraped. Do I need API-access to another data source in order to get this data?



  • SvenSven
    yes, as this data is not available for all keywords. In options you can enter some API keys for various services that will provide this data. Im sorry, but there is simply no source I can use that is free.
  • Thanks @Sven.

    I have now added the API keys for keywordseverywhere and SEORank and am getting (some) data. (Unfortunately, KWseverywhere seems to be limited to few countries, but this is obviously nothing GSA can do about).

    Another two questions, please:
    1) What does the colour coding in SV column mean? Hovering over the column title does not explain.
    2) KGR is not being calculated for various keywords, despite numbers have been pulled through the APIs and "AllInTitle" has been selected. Why is that?
  • SvenSven
    edited November 2023
    1) You see the full column name on mouse over hint - SV = Search Volume
    2) I guess the search volume is below 250 and so the KGR can not be calculated. Description is....

    Keyword Golden Ratio
    Search Results (allintitle) / Search Volume(<250)
    Lower values are better and easier to rank.
    < 0.250: You should rank in the top 100 once your page is indexed
    > 0.250: You should still rank in the top 250 pretty quickly
    > 1.000: Hard to Rank

  • Thanks.

    1) I guess the orange color in SV column is set when the value is < 250.
    2) Please look again at the screenshot. KR does calculate KGR for some KWs with SV < 250 but not for others.
  • SvenSven
    1) correct
    2) can you send me the project folder from appdata? I can not locate any issue with my data.
  • Thanks. PM just sent.
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