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How to improve my LpM?My LpM only 5.04

How to improve my LpM?My LpM only 5.04,my verify links speed are very low,
How to change it?


  • You have to use a good site list, and do you have to check your proxy, emails 
  • I used 4 catchalls  and 20 private proxies,I use
    I checked my proxies and email catchalls are successful.
    What terms need I improve?

  • Maybe your Captcha or VPS or increase GSA threads, because what you have it is should be good enough
  • how to check VPS?I use 300 threads
  • I want to buy  GSA SER Breaker,but it through 2checkout,I can't pay it through 2 checkout.
  • It means you do not have a captcha service, do i understand this right?
    If so, then you have the answer to your issue, i use GSA CB and XEvile in order to get a good result. and cheaper way

  • DataRatDataRat Inside the walls
    LpM is going to be massively affected by the engines you choose. If you're using engines that take one or two steps to create a verified link, your LpM will increase. If you're using engines that take multiple steps, including recaptcha/hcaptcha solving, email verification etc, then of course your LpM will suffer.

    You also need to keep feeding the beast with more verified targets to submit to. If you're using GSA to scrape for targets that will also be lowering your LpM.
  • yes,I use GSA,I want to build acticle backlinks,but LpM is so slow,I bought recaptcha service,4 emails service and private vps.
    I also bought service.Why it still so slow?
    How can I improve speed?

  • Link speed (LpM) not really related to the SEO value your giving to your websites.

    It's number can show you how fast your running a spam campaign (mostly with lower quality unmoderated engines for example)

    Using an auto approve or already verified list will give you higher Lpm on per project level cause its not using resources such as searching, identifying, verifying, reverifying , solving capctas etc. . . also updating blacklists, checking proxies and pinging if selected can take up resources too. (dependent on your settings)

    As mention above many sites will send an email have to wait for, then have to verify, login first time, post, grab link made then verify it. 

    This specific process can't be sped up as its waiting for other steps to happen before moving on to the next.

    I would suggest to pay more attention to your settings and goals for project than Lpm. (unless something is broken which @Sven always fixes quickly if thats the case)

    For example, use good quality content on first tier with higher authority do-follow engines and  good catchall emails for gsa ser campigns.

    No point in creating links that get deleted instantly and build links to a 404 page "whoops nothing found". This completly breaks your tiers and would provide no benefit to main website. (reverifying can help this but if your paying for content don't you want it to stick and provide link value to your site?)

    Also, large amount of good proxies is needed or you should stick to very low threads anyways. (no point to crank it up to get a bunch of errors and bans and blame software) This is on user to provide these to SER.

    My advice if your looking for traffic to actaully make money off organic rankings you should do some market and keyword  research from top ten in serps. (see if even have a chance to get ranked where you can be found)

    Also install an seo plugin or edit html if you can on main site and try have at least basic onpage seo in place first. Especially if newer site!

    To wrap up my rambling, its up to user to select relevant settings or use good template, content, proxies, emails, try to created better quailty links pointing to main site and as move down tiers use spammy links.

    This is for sucessful long term goals. And waste less time/money/resources.

    That and disregaurd some of the tactics on youtube videos. I assume most these videos just trying to get traffic to channel using product names like SER etc.

    I saw one they were checking everything one by one instead of right clicking and selecting all clearly showing they don't use software.

    Then say hey I'll ran a spam campaign for you go to my website. . . lol

    If ran a spam campaign on new website good luck getting out of sandbox. Probably, only ever rank for brand name after that if lucky.

    I dont see any actually eating there words or showing examples of rankings or test sites of what they are telling you to do and when some do its a website thats older and ranking prior to "the spam campaign" they are trying to sell you.

    Just be aware of those shiesters advice!

    Yeah and 300 threads on 20 proxies? Maybe have a look at that setting. Just capctahs solving alone in say Xevil would require you to set manaul threads low in xevil. Should say 10-20 threads max for that. Otherwise you have a while bunch waiting in que and timeout.

    Your opening 300 threads/tasks and only give 20 proxies/ threads/workers to complete them. Kinda have to  match them up and test a bit.

    OK, im really done for now, hopefully helps someone reading, I apologize in advanced as sometimes I say things backwards and im constantly testing and bouncing around from different softwares/methods.

    Let me know your thoughts even if its to tell me im a complete jackass :wink:

  • Thank you for your replies. I have found one of the reasons. I use Capmonster2 to solve the verification code problem, but my Baned IP is as high as 68%.
    Has anyone used CapMonster 2? I don't know how to solve this problem? It often appears "proxy has been banned"
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