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Bestway to make bulk emails for Serlib 2.0?

What is the best way to get bulk emails for Serlib 2.0?


  • edited November 2023
    What I am doing right now is
    Using a catch all

    Making fixed emails on the catch all but I think the software cannot tell the difference between emails intended for deferent emails. 

    So on but to check emails it logs into
  • You need to use the spin file first names then spinfile last names macros

     This would produce random

    kinda like this %spinfile-names.dat%{.|-|_}%spinfile-lnames.dat%{%random-1-100%|}

    This adds random number to avoid getting error "email is already in use"

    You need access to pop or imap so SER can read and parse them though . . .

    Random emails are just random emails while [Your-E-mail] is the one that activates the account in email.

    You set these up yourself or buy them.
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