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lost my license to gsa search engine ranker and GSA SEO Indexer[HELP]

nowell25nowell25 United States
can this be sent to me via email.Also please check if got any other software licenses and send it to me


  • i also got somthing like this.  i got 3 copies of gsa .  no access to one  as that was 10 years ago.  i have no access to email (but i remember the email and i have lisence key )

    i just purchased  gsa as its a great software and one time fee. but for past email sevn  reset my  old account as well . now i am onwer on 4 copies B)
  • SvenSven
    edited November 2023
    We are not discussing license issues on a public forum. Please ALWAYS send an email directly to GSA.
    @nowell25 sorry but there is no license under the email you used to register on this forum.
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