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VPS provider for GSA WC?

Hello, Im wondering if there are any VPS providers that allow such products. I have talked to 2 VPS providers who told me that it is against their TOS to run ANY mailing software. Could anyone give me a provider of 8GB+ VPS provider(s) for this that are also cost effective (:


  • SvenSven
    Most VPS systems I know will allow it BUT they will insists that you use proxies.
  • DataRatDataRat Inside the walls
    GSA WC is not technically mailing software - it submits forms given by websites for communication purposes. SolidseoVPS should be fine with you running WC as long as you're using proxies, as mentioned above. As it's currently Black Friday you should be able to pick up an 8GB+ VPS from them for decent rates.
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