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The active threads fluctuate up and down when over 1500 threads in setting

yc123yc123 Singapore
edited November 2023 in GSA Website Contact
My Setup:
  • Office PC Internet Connection
  • i7 CPU with only 60% CPU time at 1,500 threads
  • 100 Shared Proxies (i tested 1 proxy can run up to 30 to 40 threads with no problem)
  • 16GB Mem, usually only 50% used even run at 1,500 threads
  • Use Google DNS &

My problem now:

When I run it at 1000 threads to 1500 threads, the active threads stay quite stable, and remain at range of 1,350 to 1,500 threads active throughout.

When I switch it higher, to 1,800 or even 2000 threads, the active threads start to fluctuate from like 500 threads to 1,800 threads. Same as like the CPU usage as shown in the Task manager that you can see the usage is up and down.

At times it freeze the GSA WC for about a min or 2, then the active threads begin to fluctuate again. I still have plenty of CPU resources and memory even hitting at 2000 threads. 

What is the culprit? Is it the DNS? I tried to remove Google DNS and using the default, same issue. 

My objective:

I want to scale the posting, and how can I scale it? I am planing to get the fastest PC with i9 CPU, and to buy plenty of proxies, hopefully I can scale the threads to 5,000 threads in stable manner, does it works that way? What is the best way to scale the threads?

Thank you.


  • SvenSven
    could be search engines where parsing them needs some time and then threy are blocked by waiting search threads.
  • yc123 How are you able to use 8 gigs of memory? I have 16GB as well and it wont take my settings over 4096MB being 32bit.

    It still shows on GUI that its using 16 or more or trying to buy at that point im at crash. Maybe it's add-on im using not sure.
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