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Verified Links Disappear

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I've had about 2k links verified in my project but today I open the app and they disappear. It only shows 2 links and that's all. It's almost as if project got reset - the links all disappear. I didn't touch the app at all. Is there a way to debug it - check the logs what happened? 

I do see the links in the Verified folder though. Is there a way to restore them to a project so I can start building Tier 2? 
Update: when go Project -> Show verified links -> right click in the middle of the window -> import verified links

Having had more look I noticed that my Options settings have been reset. I haven't got a clue what happened there.



  • I had same issues with trying to create scripts or using other premade scripts. It can be sometimes the way the projects verification is done in SER.

    If its trying to verify a link again and that is not there like it moved to another page or verification is not set right or to agressive it will fail to verify/download link to be able to use it for tier projects.

    The link could still be there(just taking out by SER), or maybe account was banned so settings take link out.

    Maybe try to adjust or just not tick "reverify links every" or "links must have exact url" in settings of project.

    Alternatively, you can open script and adjust how verification is done.

    Maybe thats helpful . . .
  • Hi backlinkaddict,

    I haven't tried to create any scripts. One day I open gsa ser and the project links were just reset. At this point I have set up logging to for 'verification' mask in order to maybe try and save the links that were already placed. I don't reverify links, but have the "links must have exact url" set up. The project was running fine for two weeks. The problem here is that I don't know how to recover the links that were already placed - haven't got a clue where they are. Most likely will just re-start the project again that was run for 2 weeks and will manually backup everything daily :( 
  • Figured it out - I've bought gsa lists and they were syncing via Dropbox. Dropbox was creating cache folder as well as constantly duplicating the lists. So it was taking over all the space on the VPS. I believe GSA ser had no space to operate and malfunctioned as a result.
  • @notyouraverageseo

    Most likely, I have same issue as well sometimes where it says its trying to use more ram then it can and I have to restart becuase screen is black and ready to crash. Its sometimes not always. I dont lose my setting or links though.

    Im wondering if you can get them back in the verfied or global site lists still? of course all project links would be in there but maybe can filter out which ones belonged to project in question?
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    Great idea! I have tried to do that but the verified links managed to only recover about 50 out of 2800 there. I run de-duplication quite often so I believe I managed to clear them out this way. Well, I suppose it's a lesson learnt :(

    On the bright side of things - I do have a working list of donors so I can rebuild links over again. Most likely I will wait for a week or two before starting doing it all slowly to make sure it doesn't look way too unnatural
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