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Manual Article Creation


1. For the Add -> Create (self write) selection, The Main Term search is not returning any results. Do I enter a keyword, press Search, and the query goes out on the Internet in real-time and return back the NGram results / Related Keywords? Is that how it's supposed to work, or the NGram / Related Keyword statistics search only work on previously completed scraped projects. I'm confused.

2. For the Add -> Create (self write) [WYSIWY] option, the only thing that is actively searching / retrieving data (on the Internet) in real-time is Related Keywords.

3. The Top Search NGrams is not retrieving anything.

How do I troubleshoot this?

Thank you.





  • SvenSven
    Make sure your proxy setup is working. The ngram data uses search engines. If you use proxies for search engines (check global options) make sure they work. Google is used here.
  • Hi. I tried it without using proxies, and it worked. Is it a good idea to do the Main Term query without proxies? (would I get ban?) If I could get ban, what is the way to to set the settings so that I won't get ban from searching without proxies.

    Is there a way to select which search engine to analyze the SERP? (like Google only, Bing only, or both), and how many pages of the SERPs does it check, 1st page (or top 10 results) or first several pages? Can this be configured as well?

    I don't see the same Main Term search box in ADD > Create (self write) article editor for the other option ADD > Create (self write) [WYSIWYG]  article editor.  I do see a search box with 2 options to configure. So I entered a keyword term, then selected "Top Search NGrams", hit enter, and it went but scraped articles instead.

    The screenshots show my settings:

    For the other setting option, I selected Top Search Results:

    So how do I configure this to function like the Main Term query search box in ADD > Create (self write) article editor?

    Thank you.

  • SvenSven
    proxies/banned: you do not get banned that easily when using this tool. So don't worry
    right now there is no way to select search engines, but i will try to add that on the next updates
    SEO is your main term on this screenshot right? If you add a new one, it then is added below the SEO in that tree...just scroll down.
  • Hi. Concerning the Main Term, I don't see any relevance statistics in the Article Editor for ADD > Create (self-write) [WYSIWYG],
    but for ADD > Create (self-write), the results show the percentages.

    So for keyword "Martial Art", I get the following statistical results with relevance:

    but for the Article Editor in ADD > Create (self-write) [WYSIWYG], there's no relevance score or percentage. I do see the total number of results (per keyword phrase that it found) however.

    Is it supposed to be like this? There's no relevance score.

    Thank you.
  • Another thing, in the Article Editor for ADD > Create (self-write) option, down in the found data panel, for each result shown, can it be expanded to show the entire sentence?  When I click on a result (or sentence), it just adds that sentence automatically to the Article Body... but I didn't to see the entire sentence first, if it's a very long sentence.

    because for the ADD > Create (self-write) [WYSIWYG] option, double-clicking on each result expands it open to show the full sentence. Then I can decide if I would like to add that sentence to the Article Body.

  • SvenSven
    If you double click on it, it should be added to the article's cursor position.

  • Hi. I was talking about the results in the Found Data panel, the sentences with the ellipses (...) in the end, these sentences are truncated. I was wondering if each result can be expanded to show the complete sentences because in ADD > Create (self write) [WYSIWYG] option, each sentence or result can be expanded to preview the entire sentence. This way, I can decide if I want to add (double click) it or not to the Article Body.
  • SvenSven
    you should see the full sentence as hint in mouse over, if not, I will add it for next update.
  • Hi. I don't see the full sentence on mouse hover. Yes, Please add this to the next update.

    Another issue with the article editor, I'm not able to drag a selection of all the projects I'm interested in for the Options pop up box in ADD > Create (self write) [WYSIWYG] article editor.

    The only choice is given is to right click: check none or check all. Otherwise, I would have to manually select specific project / or check off each box, which can be tiresome if I have a lot of projects to be included.

    In the ADD > Create (self write) article editor, however, I'm able to drag a selection over the specific projects I would like included, to be searched in.

    Please add this mouse dragging selection to the Options > projects popup box in ADD > Create (self write) [WYSIWYG] article editor.

    And if you can, add the Main Term's relevance scores to ADD > Create (self write) [WYSIWYG] as well.

    Thank you.
  • SvenSven
    The hint is shown for me as seen here:

  • SvenSven
    You see details like relevance when clicking the down arrow as seen below...
  • Hi. Ok, I figured out why the hints weren't showing. It had to do with the window being enlarged and docked with other windows. As long as I keep the window undocked, I can hover the mouse and see the hints.

    However, the hint doesn't stay there for too long. It only shows for about 2 seconds and then it disappears. Is that normal?

    Is there a way to keep the hint up until I move the mouse away?
  • Hi. Ok, I see the relevance now.

    But I'm still not able to drag a selection (blue highlighted) over several projects (on the Options dialog box) so that I can check off on them in ADD > Create (self write) [WYSIWYG]

  • SvenSven
    via right click you can at least load/save a selection of projects. This should be suitable as Im not adding any drag/drop here sorry.
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