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Questions about article links

sungsung korea
edited October 2023 in SERLib
Hello, I would appreciate it if you could answer my question.
This is the order I do it.
I used Contact General. I created an article and downloaded a backup. I unzipped it.
I am joining GSA Search Engine Ranker as an article manager. add –> Enter the Impact From folder. I use the article unzipped from Contact General.
In front of the article content SRC:MixSentence,D1031;B2999785;1FED6EAF;BD78A26F;7A767D78;650D5807;DE70A58C;49DE5BFF;1F1B15E3;445AE2F2;304E2A6A;D6AFFFE5;051C3480;9 2A3D8B5;D44CF3EB;2BA03244;349CEB3A;2D60866C;283FF6F5;AE8538AC;383EF647;7904DFAB ;BEB8059F;F73103B9;6E720AA5;55766031;311BC990;CBC9EA16;5BF827E0;6138EE2A;CCCD4BD3;AC48FA42;739AA97F;CFA724B6, Uniqueness: 15
Things like this appear.
What should I do to prevent this from appearing?


  • SvenSven
    No thats not correct. A Backup will have the raw article data along with its statistics. You need to click on EXPORT within GSA Content Generator.
    Thanked by 1sung
  • Thanks for your answer. Sven

    I clicked export.
    Choose Export Format
      All Articles on One HTML
      All Articles on One Text File....
    GSA Search Engine Ranker...

    Which one should I choose?
  • SvenSven
    if you have a project in SER already, simply use "GSA Search Engine Ranker" as template and then choose the project.
    If it's a project you are about to create, use the other "GSA Search Engine Ranker (All fields)" template and import the file later in SER using Article Manager->Add...
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