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How to build only Social bookmark backlinks

Hello, my name is Joseph Benson and I really want to know if it is possible to build only Social bookmark backlinks with GSA SER, and if that can be possible without using a sitelist? Another question is does GSA indexer still index backlinks? Do GSA proxy scraper still work? Thank you, those are my questions.


  • Go into new project, right click on engines pane and select none.

    Then open up the social bookmarks and select engine for example "pligg" or mulitple

    Then in data varaiables of project in this case "keywords" you will add keywords realated to the niche your website to promote.

    Your entered keywords will be merged with predefined pligg bookmakring CMS as search and it will scrape and identify related target sites.

    You can also set project as needed---> if right click on start for example you will see examples like "search and validate" or "validate emails only" etc. This is helpful to find but not post just yet.

    You can also pull out these URLs for example in "identified" folder and filter them inside SER with paid Dom detailer API which lets your sort with Moz, majestic metrics. Although, that may be difficult at first and not sure how fast credits will be used up.

    Maybe use scrapebox and free Moz api to get domain authority of urls.

    You can then take your filtered list and add to project to post to as mentioned above. Alternatively, buy list and just used the bookmark urls and import to project.

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