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Macros and Search Engines

edited October 2023 in GSA Website Contact
i start working again with WC. The first 50k Websites (400k websites, 54k with contact forms are inside the project) with contact form WC was working fine.

Now i have this problems:
1. I set only Germany Search engines. there are 32. i start and stop later project. now i have more than 100 international search angines activated (i do nothing, the 100+ search engines are automaticly insert). i need to check the search engines after every stop of the project and activate them sometimes back to german search engines.

2. the macros %doman%, %host% delivere now nothing, at beginning i get all details fine. before it was fine. The macro %url% delivere the end of url only like /contact. This is only in the preview mode !!!

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  • SvenSven
    1. Found the issue and fixed it now on next update.
    2. This works for me on preview as well as on real submission?
  • edited October 2023
    thank you @Sven to fix 1.

    The 2. is now working fine. what i have done that it works now: Scrape and check only (it was after 50k not working) then i have sent someting and after this first sending the preview mode is working fine.
  • 3. is there a way to insert macro %domain% in a link like Ich%20bin%20sehr%20an%20deiner%20%domain%%20interessiert

  • edited October 2023
    4. Is there a way to insert random country for my country only. as example: i insert germany and get only german adresses and customer datas and not us, belgium and so on...
  • SvenSven
    3. yes that should work just fine. However, don't add a link but the pure URL as html/links will not work
    4. sorry thats not possible right now unless yo edit the file with the address data in it.
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