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Im having trouble with my proxies, I do have them setup and I have tested them to verify they are working. When I try to launch project, Im getting the message: you have proxies enabled but no proxies for sending.. How can I correct this? 


  • SvenSven
  • Thanks for your assiatance, So the next question is do gsa proxy scraper have to be installed or will gsa contact work without it
  • SvenSven
    The software comes with it's own build-in (but not as good) proxy scraper. You should however, try to use private bought proxies as they are more stable and faster. With public proxies you never know if the data arrives.
  • Thank you for responding, could the issue Im having be, I have it configured to private but Im not finding any private proxies for sending mail. I recently purchased proxy scraper and its not finding any either...... Or is private proxies something I must purchase 
  • SvenSven
    It will not find any private proxies as private proxies can not be found. The term private proxies means bought proxies that you add manually.
  • thanks Sven, for your time im sure you busy!!  Im still getting the same message.  Ok ive compared my notes to those of the manual and they are pretty much the same except on proxyjudge my options are different,...... I also noticed in the video tutorial he uploaded url... I let GSA  scrape my URLs........ ?good idea or no.....
    next Question is this something I can take to a computer shop and ask for help or are their  any recommended books
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