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edited April 2013 in Need Help
Maybe it's not a big of a deal but decided to ask anyway to be sure. Recently I start seeing some of my projects are colored grey with status Active or Active (P). Should I be worried? I have 20 projects running


  • SvenSven
    Grey would mean they are inactive...usually happens if you have too much memory in use so they fail and go inactive.
  • Thanks Sven! Big respect to what you are doing! Awesome tool!
  • Followup-Question: Can this also happen if a tier has reached its daily limit? or does it fall into the "verify only mode" then? i got some tiers that are often grey and the memory is normally at 400 mb (the vps has 2 gb)

    Best Regards
  • yea i want to also know
  • SvenSven
    It can only go into gray if there are no links to verify or submit.
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