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O.k., I think I have CB and GSA SER figured out now I'm trying to get the most out of GSA Indexer. I noticed that my queue is just filling up, and FAST. In less than 3 days it has over 15,000 urls and growing quick. What settings/recommendations would you give to get the most out of the indexer while still being able to have it keep up with GSA SER? I did just set it from "full index" to "quick index" and increased the threads from 10 to 20. I run this (and all my software) on a local machine with these specs:

Core i5 3.0Ghz
1TB 10,000 RPM Drive
Windows 7 64bit
My ISP is pretty fast (for this area) 30Mb/s Down - 5Mb/s up
(I have 3 identical machines that run 24/7/365)

I'm not too concerned with the actual percentage of links indexed. The sheer number of links I build per site is staggering and I have multiple indexing softwares/accounts. I just am looking to have the GSA Indexer running at about the same pace as GSA SER.

I recently was able to get the NHSEO Indexer to pace along with NHSEO. I know some trial and error will be needed but, if anyone can give me a better starting point it would be greatly appreciated!


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Increase the number of threads in the indexer. BUT remember that it's using resources you could use to post links instead. 

    So maybe get another PC, or send less links to indexer. 
  • you shoud check "use only sites that can index deep links" in seo indexer. in ser you have the option to send only do follow links and also filter by pr, so you can reduce the number of links that are sent to seo indexer.
  • @AlexR Thanks! I actually just moved my 3 local machines to really fast VPS's so resources are no longer an issue...

    @d3ad I did recently check that and I also use the custom number of sites to post to and set it to 600 with Indexer running 50 threads and it just about keeps up now. I guess the other thing to consider is over a long period of time GSA SER will slow down in the amount of links it can build as it has to do more searching so that will give the Indexer time to catch up as well...

    Thanks for the advice!
  • ronron

    You are late to the party, but I already helped people figure out that Indexer sucks the oxygen out of your internet connection. It will *greatly slow down SER* if you run them at the same time.

    So if you can run this on another pc/different internet connection, it is very ideal. That is what I now do.

    You can also trim the list with @d3ad's suggestions.


  • I'm late to the party?

    @ron - I've already got it sorted out (notice the post just above yours)
  • @ron - And how do you plan to move the links to the other PC? Export from SER and import them to SEO Indexer?

    Or are you using some kind of automation?
  • One little trick I use is:
    • 5 threads
    • deep link only
    • quick indexer mode
    It's goes like lightning then but it doesn't build masses links. Better than nothing though if you can't afford another machine.

    @kinglouie There's no automation as yet

    Also if you are building tiered links no point in running T1 links through Indexer. (Or T2 if you are building 3 tiers)
  • ronron

    I have noticed an extreme positive difference if you leave your antivirus turned off. There are no lock-ups and the memory usage is cut in half.

    Antivirus software should not be left on while you run GSA SER or GSA Indexer as you are unable to get any viruses anyway with the way the programs are built.

    Hopefully people understand this.

  • Thanks @ron I have never used any anti virus software. I am careful about the web pages I open and have never gotten a virus *fingers crossed* Good to know for those that do use it though...
  • edited April 2013
    If it's on a VPS, and you only use GSA, then you probably have no need for an AV, but if you run it on your home system, then simply exclude the GSA SER and Indexer paths from being scanned, rather than completely turning it off.
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