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POP3 Login failed - SockError: Connection timed out

edited October 2023 in Need Help
Hi getting this new error message 

POP3 Login of * failed - SockError: Connection timed out

I've seen it's common and so followed the advice like removing SSL but still not working for me. I had a problem "host not found" before but think it is fixed as now I have this new error 

I'm using catchall email from namecheap FYI 

Thanks hope someone can help


  • SvenSven
    yahoo is no catchall provider.
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  • I'm using name cheap for catchall. 
  • my email for that is
  • its says everything being sent to "catchall" is going to my yahoo email
  • SvenSven
    but then you can not enter a yahoo login.
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    edited October 2023
    Ok so I'm going by the GSA doc "email provider settings" Maybe I should have never looked at that. Should I remove all mentions of yahoo and only use my name cheap catchall email in the email verification settings? I just assumed that I need to redirect from an email for subs to one I can control i.e yahoo
  • Not sure if this clears anything up better. 
  • SvenSven
    yes, do not use any yahoo account here, only the settings for catchall from namecheap.
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