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Use Both: Urls from another project & Manually specified

royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
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In my Tier 2 project i am using the urls from Tier 1, but i also want to manually specify some urls.
Unfortunately when i select the option to use Urls rom another project , it gray out the option to manually add urls.

I understand that that i can just duplicate the project and use manually in the one and from other project, in the other -- but since i allready have 64 projects and since GSA SER is limited to 3Gb memory, i am trying to avoid making more projects than what is needed.

So in summary: Is there a way to add the Urls using both options ? ( manually + from another project )



  • SvenSven
    Naw, I will not add this as option. Can't you just import the URLs in T1 ->show verified urls->import ?
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    edited April 2013
    That would work, if there was an option to import verified Urls, but either i am looking in the wrong place or there is none.

    dont want to add them to Tier 1 as urls to be promoted as these are
    really tier 2 links that was created with other tools \ services.

    was not asking you to add any options, i was only asking if there
    currently is a way, because having to create a duplicate project just to
    add external urls is kind of like taking a detour.

    I have another option, maybe u can tell me if this will work:
    i edit the tier project, and on Data tab: un-select the currentely
    selected : "Use Urls from another verified project". That will make the
    option available to import urls.
    Then once the urls are imported and i see them in the url box, i then just again select "Use Urls from another verified project"
    done this and i can see the urls are still showing in the url box but
    grayed out ----> does it mean the ones i imported will be ignored ?


  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    wow dont know what happened to the formating :-(

  • SvenSven
    right mouse button on project (must be inactive) ->show verified urls->right mouse click->Import verified URLs
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    If i follow your instructions i end up at the below - and i dont see any import option
    I am on version 5.47

  • Just right click in that window. Then you'll see it.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    @jigsaw  Thank you very much for the help, now i can see the import option
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