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Search Results with "Keyword"

asd111asd111 US
edited September 2023 in GSA Keyword Research
Hi @Sven , anyway to have/add GSA KWR to show the results when using the in-quotes: "keywords" method? instead show SR without quotes? Or should I just add the quotes myself when importing keywords?


  • Also, would be nice to have a Start and Stop button because I just started a task and I don't see any buttons or right click options to stop all tasks like gsa ser because otherwise its ctrl+alt+del or wait for task to finish... or show me how to stop tasks, read the manual but didnt see an option either.  :smile:
  • SvenSven
    when resolving SR, you can choose to use quotes or not.
    You have buttons to stop at the bottom with a ABORT on the very right.
  • my mistake, i can see it now. for some reason it didn't appear before until it went into "Resolving, please wait...". I believe there is another status before that, and the previous status didnt have the Abort button.
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