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Abuse complaint from

Has anyone every received abuse complaints from

Most of my sites are hosted on Hetzner VPS and I received such complaints from their Anti-Abuse team today. These guys complain about me spamming forums, although I am not using GSA SER for forum posts (profiles only) nor Xrumer at all.

Any experience & suggestions?


  • SvenSven
    Do they deliver some details on what sites it was detecting it?
  • Only details are the timestamp it has been reported, ip, website and email address used:
  • SvenSven
    maybe you can share details in private message so we can both find out more.
  • Sure, much appreciated. Private message just sent.
  • AllanAllan
    Then share the cause of the problem, please.
  • Allan said:
    Then share the cause of the problem, please.
    I wish I could but from what I know it must have been either a false alarm or a competitor's complaint.

    @Sven was so kind and provided me with a program which allowed further checks of my SER projects against the log files of this website. I found that even websites for which I did not run any SER campaign for months were reported as spam. So, I reported back to Hetzner with my findings, no more complaints since.
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