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Looking for the pros

Hello everyone, it just so happens that I need to build backlinks to some T2/T3 websites, and remembered that I purchased this great tool ages ago (thank god for a lifetime license haha!)
Unfortunately, the years went by and I did not somehow magically get better at it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now I'm on a quest to get good at it quickly and I have many questions for the power users.
And let me clarify beforehand that I value your time and I'm ready for a paid consultation, so just drop me a PM if you do this shit for a living!

The thing I want to achieve:
Creating backlinks for Google sites/stacks and cloud sites to keep them indexed.

I have purchased the web 2.0 addon from fellow member @AliTab  
4G proxies
10 domains and set up catchall emails 

Everything looks good, and the backlinks are being created, yay!
Now, how do we add new websites (projects?) to GSA as they come? Is there some kind of a local API, or database to do that?

Each website/project should have its own articles/anchors/keywords
Create 1000 backlinks to that website and stop

How do we export the successfully created accounts?
How to repost to the already created profiles on GSA SER?

What kind of articles is better to use, is chatgpt worth it or simply spin that shit?
Do we need to index the GSA SER created backlinks?

Thank you!


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