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Parasites VS Sites in 2023

Hey all, 

Just wondering how some of you are competing nowdays with the explosion of Parasites ranking for pretty much every keyword I've looked at. 

I'm struggling to just compete with almost any keyword,  cause no matter what i do, i just can't compete with the authority that a lot of these parasites (News) Sites are doing. 

Are a lot of others struggling with this as well?  if so, how are you guys handling it?

I've tried New sites
Older sites that i've had since 2014 that are really good.
I've tried GSA in almost every Tier system i can think of. 
tried GSA With other tools and every different kind of system i can think of. 

about the only thing i haven't tried is just doing the parasites myself. 

I know they've been around for a while but in 2023 seems like they've exploded.

I keep thinking i'm just missing something or not doing something,  but i hate to go down the route of managing a ton of parasites,  then doing SEO to my normal sites as well.


  • You need more link sources. Ranking and competing against parasites is very much about how high the DA of your own website will be. DA is all about links from unique domains.

    If you can only make your site DA20 and the parasite has DA80, then you're not going to be able to compete with that. What's the highest DA you've achieved with your strategies and link sources? 

    If you got your site to DA50 for example, then it might stand a chance of getting to page 1 and even out ranking the parasite with tiered link building and very strong on page seo.

    DA plays a huge role in what your site can rank for. Plenty of other link building tools out there. Even link building services on blackhatworld and on fiverr could provide many more new T1 links with unique domains.

    You've also get PBNs and 301's which can provide an endless number of link sources depending upon how much you want to invest.

    Using the same parasite would be the easiest and cheapest soluton though.

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  • Thanks for Responding! 

    The older site i was talking about from 2014  Is a DA50,  and I can get first page for most Keywords with it.  It's never above spot 7-8 though. 

    Which with the 4 ads above the fold almost like not even being in the top 10. 

    Honestly, even with New sites.  I can get somewhat close  using the strategies that you have laid out here before.  but never top 10.  Always right around spot 12-20.

    Yeah good call.  I think if i start getting into PBN's setting all that up and buying link build services at that point might as well just start using the same parasites.
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
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    I've already started to build out my own PBN network and a network of 301 domains too. It's not as expensive as you might think and the results from these extra link sources really give your rankings a boost. 

    I've tested recently with a 4 year old domain that was only DA38. 301 redirected this at the brand new domain and within weeks it started ranking page 1-3 for thousands of organic keywords. That's with a single 301 domain pointed at the new domain, and no other backlinks. 301 redirect domains are a really powerful strategy.

    The pbns are all do follow permanent links with 1 obl, so perfect for powering up and passing link juice. The pbn hosting I use costs about £1/domain/month and gives unique ips and nameservers. So even a network of 50 pbns will only cost about £50/month. 

    Personally I've got all the automated tools already, so to expand my link sources further means setting up more PBNs.

    Also your site list can only be used once per url to boost it's DA. So by pointing that same site list at a 301 redirect domain or a PBN domain will boost them further instead. If your money site is DA50, then you could repeat the same strategy on 301's and pbns and make them all DA50. Imagine having a network of DA50 pbns lol That's real ranking power right there.

    Even your current DA50 domain will increase it's DA further if you point high DA 301 domains at it and high DA pbn links. It's likely what you need to push past 7-8 positions and get into the top 3.

    No need to buy expired domains to do this. I buy brand new domains and use my tools to boost the DA with tiered links. They all get to DA40+ quite easily. The highest so far is DA57 but it's still climbing as I've got 10 x 301 domains pointed at it that are still getting powered up.
  • Hmm, that's interesting.  in all the years i've been doing this,  I've never really played around with 301's so it's really interesting to read what you said.  I'll have to get them a try,  I have a ton of old domains i've had for a while. So i'll have to check them out to see if i could do that with them. 

    Thank you for the great advice.  I have a direction of what to try now.  I was feeling quite lost.  Thank you so much.
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