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no links are verified


Apologies, I am a beginner and it is a bit overwhelming to make the tool work.

Yesterday I bought GSA SER , the GSA capture tool and s10 private proxies and 100 email boxes from AsiaVirtualSolutiuons. 
I have configured by campaign for contextual links. For about 15 minutes I had some fun with manual captures 
but not links were verified. I got 19 link submitted and all of them are  awaiting account verification. 

What is the problem here? I have tested the emails - all 100 email boxed passed the test

Please help!


  • AliTabAliTab

    How are you acquiring targets to build links on?
  • Hi AliTab. I have configured internal scraping by selecting contextual links relevant to keywords from the Games category. I did not use any lists. It might be the sites with successful registration are not allowing me to add texts with links, or my gsa settings are wrong.

    How do I scrape sites from specific category that accept contextual publications? Any tips? Another question is where I can buy a one-off list to practice posting with higher verification rates before subscribing to make monthly paid updated lists.

     Thank you

  • AliTabAliTab

    Hello @Brum,

    I missed your reply because I was not tagged within your answer. To get targets for building links, you have to scrape targets by yourself within GSA SER or use another third-party scraping tool like Scrapebox or Hrefer, which is much better than making your SER software busy with the scraping part. You will need rotating proxies for that purpose.

    You also have the option to purchase lists. If you're a beginner, I won't suggest you start this on your own because it's a time-consuming job that requires expertise. Instead of focusing on your SEO projects, you'd have to start learning how to scrape and how to create a good list. It's better to build your own liked lists through other available lists. There are different sellers who are already listed here:
  • @AliTab,

    Thanks mate! I will follow your advice!
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