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Replicate keywords into Anchor Text

rastarrrastarr Thailand
edited September 2023 in Feature Requests
Hey @Sven
I just noticed a peculiar glitch, of sorts

I duplicated a project since it contained mail accounts etc which saves some time in other projects. The new project was on a different topic so the keywords are different.

I always use and tick the box 'Use keywords as anchor text'. 
Note that the 'Anchor Text (based on Main Keyword)' section did contain unrelated keywords, however, they're greyed out. I assumed these are negated and never used.

However, in testing some articles, I noticed that random article titles (and I presume other content) were pulling the wrong Anchor Text from this greyed-out field.

Is this a bug?

Shouldn't the 'Keywords' be transposed/duplicated into the 'Anchor Text' field if the 'Use keywords as anchor text' box is ticked?

Edit: %generate_title% was being used on the article. Perhaps this is wrongly pulling that greyed-out field


  • SvenSven
    This macro uses %tag% and %tag% uses either the anchor text or the keyword which you can define in options.
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