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How to Post the same site again But for Different URLs ##[HELP]##

MasumKhanMasumKhan Dhaka
edited September 2023 in Need Help
I searched this topic on this forum many times but can't find anything exact. So here is the Topic.

Suppose My project has 10 URLs, and I Imported 100 targeted links now, I want SER to build 100 backlinks for each URL, which means I'll get 1000 backlinks. So what is the setting for this?

Do I need to use "Allow Posting on same site again+Per URL"? If yes, then I already did it for "Indexer" Enginee but SER failed to do that.


  • SvenSven
    This "scheduled" posting is meant for sites with accounts only. It will work best for articles or alike. Indexer engines will not work here.
  • Hi @Sven
    Suppose I am having Linklist and want to make SAME links on different websites but not at the time. I tried doing it with the same Email Accounts but always it was showing as "Already Parsed" error. Can you please help. 
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