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"Description short / long" Tier 2

edited April 2013 in Need Help
Is this like article summary?
where this description goes and why 2 lengths needed?
and another questions:
all the fields followed by "(german)"
If I understand correctly I need to put there english spin text and it will go to German websites.. or what?



  • If I may add a question:
    "forum comment" - ?
    what is the purpose of this text? what kind of content should I write there?

  • SvenSven

    The content here should be a description of the website. Something that people would find when visiting your website.

    For german content you can either put a #trans_start english content #trans_end here or you click the translate button under the field. You can also disable engines that use this by using the popup menu.

    The forum comment is used to post something on a forum and leaving a backlink in the signature e.g.

  • Thanks!!!
    I was already thinking my question is so newb and stupid it won't get any response, but you are very helpful as usual.

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