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Select the Indexing method per campaign

ArjonilArjonil Gibraltar
edited September 2023 in Feature Requests
Currently, there are only two options when we select the Indexing method in the campaign:
1) GSA Indexer or 
2) Other Indexers

Inside the Indexing configurations, you can only select:
1) Send to One Random Service
2) Send to All Services
3) Send to One Random Service + GSA

The thing here is that nowadays Indexing is not the thing that used to be like some years ago. New indexers have new methods but they are increasing in price like mad. So for example, if I have two tiers, I would only want to send the tier 1 created links into the "expensive indexer" and the tier 2 into the "cheap indexer" (that is a placebo, but who knows…). 

At this moment, I'm sending the Tier 1 links into the expensive indexer manually (copy/pasting) and leave GSA to only manage tier2 indexing method through API with the cheap indexer, but it would be greater if GSA had this select option for each indexing method available in the configuration (or at least classify indexers like proxies, "cheap" and "expensive" and let this selection in the campaign or whatever is simpler to develop.


  • I would also be happy to habe a different Tier solution for indexing. As written, the costs differ from T1 "good ones" to T2/3 "they may work or not"

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