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Problem with CapMonsterLite and GSA Contact Form

edited August 2023 in GSA Website Contact
 I am an active user of CapMonsterLite with a €10 per month subscription for the Sitekey option, and I use it in conjunction with the GSA Contact Form tool.

Recently, I've had a problem with recaptchas saying "Captcha Unsolvable", when in my understanding CapMonster should be able to resolve them. I need to handle a large number of recaptchas on a daily basis, so it's quite frustrating and impacts my efficiency considerably.

I'm wondering if there's a different setting I should apply or another solution you could recommend to deal with this problem? I have looked through the CapMonsterLite and GSA Contact Form documentation, but have not been able to find any relevant information that would help me solve this problem.

I have been very satisfied with the services of CapMonsterLite and GSA Contact Form to date and I am sure that this may be a minor adjustment or technical problem that can be resolved with your expertise.

Thank you in advance for your attention and assistance in resolving this issue. I am available to provide any further information if required.

Best regards,
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