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@MrSortRowChat is our chat!

*We do not sell ANYTHING related to the Russian Federation and the CIS.
All information is provided for your reference.

[b]We are not responsible for the validity and payback![/b]


  • We remind you of the possibilities of our bot for newcomers and those who did not know:

    By purchasing a subscription, you can receive lines for free every day for the duration of the subscription, only limited by the limit.

    Check the availability of your request in all databases for free by clicking "Get rows" -> "Check in all databases" and select the search method.

    Add a request to the waiting list for free, "Get lines" -> "Redeem request" -> "Waiting list", as soon as the request appears - if the required amount is available, it will be immediately sent to you, you can also manage your requests in your profile.

    When you purchase a subscription from Middle (from a month), you get the DataEye module forever. With this module, you can [url=]increase the percentage of material processing (clickable)[/url]. Subscription owners can search for multiple requests at the same time by separating them; - Semicolon.

  • - канал с новостями
    @MrSortRowChat - наш чат!
  • Replenishment:
    Total base: +3.464.662 lines
    Private database: +1.495.188 lines - news channel
    @MrSortRowChat - our chat!
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