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Where can I find beginner tutorials for GSA software tools?

HenryjamessHenryjamess california
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Dear Support Team,

As a new member of the GSA Online forum, I'm eager to expand my knowledge and understanding of the various GSA software tools. I would greatly appreciate it if you could guide me to relevant resources or tutorials that are specifically designed for beginners like myself.

I'm particularly interested in gaining insights into the functionalities and capabilities of each GSA software tool. Having access to beginner-friendly materials would greatly assist me in getting started and exploring the tools effectively.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to your response and appreciate your support in helping me further my understanding of GSA software.

Best regards,


  • SvenSven
    This is the site you should go to:
  • Hi Henryjamess - Since you have been very polite and respectful in your request, what would you like help on.
    I specialise on the Network side of computing.
    i only post in the GSA Proxy Scraper part of the forum

    Stay Safe
  • Thank you for your prompt and friendly response. I'm thrilled to be part of the GSA Online forum and your willingness to help me is greatly appreciated.

    Since you specialize in the network side of computing and focus on the GSA Proxy Scraper part of the forum, I would love your guidance on getting started with GSA Proxy Scraper. As a beginner, I'm eager to explore its functionalities, practical applications, and learn the best practices for optimal utilization.

    Your expertise in this area would be invaluable to me, and I'm excited to dive into the world of GSA Proxy Scraper with your guidance. Thank you once again for your support.
  • Hi Henryjames - First thing you need to do is to setup GSA proxy scraper.

    In the next few days, I will post what best settings I use.
    During weekdays, its difficult, as I rarely log in to the forum

    For GSA proxies its Quality not Quantity

    Firstly just have a play around with the menus, and experiment.

    Please Post your questions and findings, and comments
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