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Can anybody provides me best VPS

Hi ,

I am new to GSA stuffs and still learning.  Since i am a kinda techy person (not coding guy) i am thinking to create my own catchalls. 

Since there are many Cpanel apps now what is the best way to install Cpanel  for catchall emails. I am thinking to buy cheap linux hosting from somewhere. 



  • I am also looking for a catchall provider or host my own catchall as it's the most efficient way to get maximum results.

    edited August 2023
    Hi all,
    we can provide you hosting for your own domain and set up your catchall email in our hosting. for $ 0,80/Month/domain, min. 5 domains and payment annually.
    If your domain gets banned for any reason, then you will have to buy another domain and a new setup.
    2nd you buy a cheap linux vps = $7 (then extra cost for window) and domains cost, this is the monthly cost.
  • Intresting.  But i am thinking to learn more how to setup cpanel and etc to imporove  my skills on that as well.  btw going to check your service :) 
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