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which one is best private proxy or public proxy

which one is best private proxy or public proxy
private dedicated or semi dedicated which one?
and gsa search engien proxy scraper option is enough or should bought gsa proxy scraper 
if bought new gsa proxy scraper so why? if gsa ranker have in build option.
please explain.


  • I think private/public is a tag to help you stay organized, having nothing to do with the proxy itself.
  • If Unsure check your proxy against this site or similar

    Most sites you check all your proxies against steal them anyway
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    If Unsure check your proxy against this site or similar

    Most sites you check all your proxies against steal them anyway
    You think is stealing your proxies?

    You could test against your own website, wordpress, blogspot, Small business self hosted router login or a different gateway wan,  Your neighbors thermostat login, An army of residential IoT devices found publicly or via port scan, pretty much anything. If you self host all you need is a white page with 1 word or a word in the header for fast loading times. I suppose testing against blogspot would alert google about the proxy and they may ban it.

    Tell GSA to success on the word you choose, or something else in the header. Also works with other public websites that you don't suspect steal your proxies.

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  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    The best to use is private proxy that are dedicated. You'll get the best speed and performance.

    Shared/semi dedicated private proxies will be next best as they are still private but you'll be sharing your proxies with other users so this can effect their speed and performance. If you're sharing with a heavy user, they won't run as fast as dedicated proxies would, as the other users are already rinsing the bandwidth available. Also for scraping google, shared proxies are likely to be already blocked. For link submissions with gsa ser, either of these types will do, but private dedicated will be the best.

    Alternatively rotating private proxies will help avoid any blocks that sites have as part of their site protection, so will lead to more successful results, but these are the most expensive type of proxies.

    Public proxies are not recommended. They can be good for scraping google and other search engines, but they can be easily blocked. Also need to be careful that you only use highly anonymous/elite proxies, otherwise the public proxy may leak your real ip. If running software on a vps, this can lead to abuse complaints being tracked back to your real ip, which could lead to your vps being shut down.

    GSA proxy scraper is good if you want a separate tool that focuses on scraping and testing proxies 24/7. It can find some real gems and very fast proxies that can be used for link building. But you're right, gsa ser has this feature built in, so the extra purchase is not necessary. Depends on how much of a heavy user you are. Having a stand alone tool for just proxy scraping can leave your gsa ser install to focus on just building links. 

    I bought gsa proxy scraper and have used it for generating lists of thousands of working proxies. Very effective for scraping search engines and you only pay once for the software. The proxies you use are free for use. I have also used the proxies in gsa ser and they have worked very well. But it's entirely up to you.
  • Good post TTT....

    Akbadhak - I created a tutorial, a few months ago and back then I had reliable fast proxies, that are still live and reliable.

    Grab the lists of proxies I posted on my pastebin page, which are there to test if your software is functioning correctly

    1. You can create custom links to "Test against"
    If Google and ipchicken work, then quite often the might be good reliable proxies

    2. One think I do, is to test a kist of proxies against a few sites in the list, like google, or ticketmaster, I think anon has to be enabled in the list.

    3. Use a speed of 6 seconds or so and do a test about 20 times.
    Then lower the speed to about 2 seconds, ie 2000 ms, and test again.

    4. In the right kist delete any below 80% reliability, which seems wasteful, but yiu need reliable and stable proxies
    Dont worry, over time you will build a big kist of fast and reliable proxies
    Also dont forget, that if its a transparent proxy you could get your ip banned

    5. The most reliable fast proxies in the universe, can and do get banned, and its a constant fight to get good ones, but there are lots of tricks you can use
  • Always recommand a dedicated mobile proxy. most secure, fast, undetecable if you have a good supplier in combination with openvpn and an anti detect browser.
  • Never do I use public. Always private and shared private at minimum.

    Resiential proxies, are great. sometimes data centered ips are banned very easy and or not acceptted for registrations.

    As mentioned above even the best can get banned especially when using advanced search operators and many footprints within searches.
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