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I get service from
sometimes they ask for such verification. I wasn't bothered and was switching to another account. I opened 20 - 30 accounts like this, different cards, different e-mails. I struggled to pass this validation and understand what they wanted. This is exactly what they want. To see which domain the SER is connected to. There is a list of transactions. In this section, the activity wants to see which domain SER is connected to. they want it under the name of security and trust. I get service from 8 different proxy providers. I recommend webshare. RC captcha coldproxy very very good. different types of IPs are required for each job.

I have nothing to hide. Is it possible to show domain name on activity table. unfortunately SER  Footpath show mostly ip address. 
i want to work with webshare can you help me. 
any trick. setting file etc. is it posible?



  • exactly my problem is to pass the validation to work with webshare.
    In the activity table, let the domain name of the visited site appear, not the IP address of the site GSA-SER is visiting.
    Is there a setting for this in GSA-SER?

    Or is there another proxy provider you can recommend to me?
    for 2 tb of traffic per day.

    It may sound like I'm advertising, but my goal is to learn.
    otherwise that is good, this is bad. I'm not a proxy firm guy.

    please help me.

  •  I solved the problem.
    It happens in 2 ways. first select "private porxy no"
    then "proxies should resolve domain to ip" should be selected, there are images in options. If so, the target domain name appears.
    If this is not selected, the hosting company domain and server ip appear in the activity table. still available in pictures
  • Hi ,

    I am also using webshare. Still didt ask verification

    So according to your idea i must  set proxies as  ' Public '

    and uncheck this :

    Am i right?  What if they ask for verification can i put them and they accept it ?

    BTW their proxies are super slow only used them for scraping as submitting caused account suspension as i heard

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