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Using Indexing Services - Possible to send only selected links from top tiers?

JayJayJayJayJayJay Malaysia
edited August 2023 in Buy / Sell / Trade
Hello, I have just purchased indexing service from Link Processor and i have just added the API in OPTIONS > INDEXING. Is that the only thing I have to do, please? Are we supposed to manually feed urls we want indexed to Link Processor? I added the API about 2 hours ago but I dont see anything changing in the stats....

 I see that there are options like "submit only when do follow" and "skip no index urls" but is it possible to send links from selected tiers to paid indexing services like this one? Any information will be appreciated. 


  • oh never mind...I found that under project option tab, there's "Send verified URLs to Index-Services" and as soon as I checked the box labeled "Other Inderxers" I see already a couple of thousands of links being sent to Link Processor. Obviously, we can selected only tiers we want indexed to change the settings for "Send verified URLs to Index-Services".  I wanted to but cant delete this post...hopefully someone may find this post helpful one day. Thank you for reading =)
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