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8 mil inks

im trying to import 8  mil linksand it  shows "saving keywords settings"  for ever 

i have 32gb and i see memory is on 32% use so i dont think its memory issue

whats the max of links it can load from 1 file? 


  • SvenSven
    whats the MEM in status bar showing?
  • i changed to 2 mil max records and its fine 

    i just spplited the 8 mil to 4 files of 2mil 

    even 4 mil is making the app getting stuck 
  • Did you use identified link list ?  i am sorry i didn't get keyword list part. Or you just tried to add 8mil to scrape ? 

    PS : i am concern as i am having similar issue when running 150 threads with 10 projects.

    It also allows to run 30 threads for scraping proxies. 

  • DataRatDataRat Inside the walls
    I split url lists into 500k lines. No need to be gluttonous, you don't want your WC to choke!
  • where can I buy site lists or settings for parsing on a specific topic?
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