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Keywords set strangely in search console. help please

pattypatty america
edited September 2023 in Need Help
inurl:"site URL" keyword

keyword "site URL"

keyword inurl:"site URL"

"ip of" "site URL" keyword

keyword inurl:"site URL"

keyword"site URL"

keyword "site URL"

keyword "site URL"
"ip of" "site URL" keyword
"ip of" keyword "site URL"

Keywords are strangely set in the search console. Red circles are keywords.

Between " " is the URL address.

Previously, only keywords were displayed, but now they are displayed like photos.

In this case, what setting of gsa is wrong? Or is google not reading gsa's backlinks?


  • pattypatty america

    I only used the gsa program.
  • SvenSven
    that are normal footprints to find new targets. OF course it makes little sense using project keywords here for such indexer footprints.
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