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New people should not make this mistake and yet many of you are

I've gotten a few messages recently asking for views and opinions on link building. While, I am quite busy, I try to help out when I can as I believe in good karma and would hope that people would help me when I need it. Anyway I looked at three cases this week and noticed these guys had one huge mistake in common. They are building their tiers too fast.

Now you must be thinking, surely this is a sabotage post and you should get as many tiers as quickly as possible. In an ideal situation, yes but first you have to make sure the situation is ideal.

Here is the problem that these people had, ill give you one example. This person, lets call them John Smith for example, was too ambitious to juice without juicing smartly. He did the following. For every Tier 1 link he built, he built 10 Tier 2 links. To these 10 Tier 2 links he build 100 Tier 3 links. To these 100 Tier 3 link, he built 1000 Tier 4 links. Seems solid enough right?

Wrong. Because he was too fast, he didn't give enough time to determine which of his T1 links would stick (I.e. not be deleted or removed very quickly). The result, thousands of links, captchas, processing threads and hours of link building down the drain. Money and time wasted for zero results. What a shame.....

Remember if your higher tier links get deleted, EVERYTHING pointing towards them means NOTHING.

How do you avoid being a John and wasting your time, money and resources? Its simple. Be patient at first. Build your T1s then wait a month and see what sticks and what doesn't. Make a note of it and adjust your future building towards this. Then repeat for Tier 2. Tier 3 and 4 do not really matter so much as they are generally lower quality and fast to replace (e.g. profiles and comments).

Use this strategy and you will know that your building efforts will give you actual results.

Its not difficult people. Build links that stick and get the spiders to notice them. If I can do it, anyone can. Just remember SEO doesn't happen overnight and its about quality as well as quantity, not just quantity. Be patient and smart at the start so that you see results.

Good luck everyone and happy Friday.
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