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Gsa Not working for me

Can please anyone help me I use the link list for tier2 and I try to all setting what

Sven Bansemer 

told me his now on vaction so can you please help me gsa not create backlink i dont know why?

you can see in the images I ring almost 12+ project at a time and now it's not creating fast backlink it's only create 31 verified link in 12 hours i don't know why when i run only 2 project its creating 40k+ verified link in 2 days i use same setting on my other project but its not work please help me .

i did -- clear cache and url history many times so please tell me any working methode please.


  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    Looking at the messages in the logs - it looks like your email isn't working. What email are you using? Do you change the email each time you reset the campaigns? Emails can only be used once per project, unless ofcourse you're using catchall emails.

    The 2nd screenshot shows no more targets - this means you need to reset the campaign and start projects again so that it can use your list. When it says "no more targets", it means it has used up all the link sources in your assigned lists.
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  • thanks for your response dear I change emails for every project and I use gsa inbuild emails.

    and the 2nd reset means inactivate and again activate right?

  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    The inbuilt emails are not the best to use as some of them can be blocked by certain sites. You'll see messages in the logs if that is the case.

    First you should close and re-open the software to clear the memory.

    By reset - I mean you need to select all projects and right click on them. Then choose 2 options:

    1. Delete target url cache
    2. Delete target url history and choose to delete accounts as well

    This will complete the reset of all highlighted projects

  • ok thanks now its work also please tell me how can i use gsa in multiple rdp?

  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    You mean like this?
    You need to get extra GSA SER licenses and deploy each install on it's own vps. Then use an app like Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to each install.
  • extra GSA SER licenses how much price is this to buy a new gsa? did i get extra discount? and can you tell me how many gsa you have please tell me and VPS?

    and dear please tell me like suppose I have 40 websites so can you tell me how can i manage backlinks and how can i create back links on that for tier 1 tier 2?
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    edited August 2023
    If you buy from this page: It's $79 per license.

    I've got well over 100 licenses for gsa ser, plus my clients buy them too and I run campaigns for them on my servers. For VPS/dedi servers I use hetzner. Price and performance are excellent.

    For the 40 websites, it depends on how big they are and if they're in different niches. Ideally, I'd deploy atleast 1 GSA install per website. For competitive projects or large projects I deploy multiple installs per website. 

     In some cases, I've got 1 gsa install doing 2 tiers to 5000 urls, which still works very nicely.

    So you may even be able to do all 40 websites on 1 gsa install. But you wouldn't have much space for running big tiers. Probably something like 1 T1 and 5 T2 projects per website would fit on one install. You could have have 40 of these running.

    You can also run 1 project to 1 url, or you could run 1 project to multiple urls. It's up to you to decide, but a dedicated project per url will give the quickest ranking result.
  • ohh 100 licenses that's a huge no. respect and dear can you tell me the best way I have a single-page website I mean like tools websites.
    so please suggest to me for tier 1 backlink which is work for tier 1 and other tier 2 like how many platforms should I create tier 1 links in gsa like some of them create spammy links like URL shortener comments so please suggest to me tier 1 platform. and for tier 2

    And Dear its my Humble Request if you can please share your gsa template I really appreciate thanks.
  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    Before you do anything else, I would defintiely recommend doing some keyword research for your niche and creating a content plan for your website. Having only a 1 page website is no good and is probably the toughest type of project to rank for keywords.

    SEO is very much about on page and the quality of content that your site has. 1 page websites are considered "thin websites" and even with thousands of tiered links, it won't rank as quickly/easily as a site with hundreds of pages of written content covering different keyword topics in your niche. Also aim for 2000+ words of content per page inorder to see results from your link building. If your pages have little to no content on them, you won't rank for anything. Keywords need to be on your page inorder to be able to rank for them. Hence why using 2000+ words of content will produce some incredible results for organic traffic.

    You can get a lot more traffic with more pages of content on your site. Each page can rank for it's own set of keywords, so the more pages you have the more traffic your site can attract once you point tiered links at it.

    I have posted a few times already about the tiered projects I run, so do a search on the forum and look through my old posts.

    For T1 I use article, forum, exploit, social network, wiki, url shortener and indexer.

    On T2 I use almost all engines but only build links to do follow.

    That's the strategy I'm running right now with 1 T1 project and 10 T2 projects. The T1 links just get powered up continuously so their stats increase such as the page authority and referring domains number.

    There are other strategies I run involving more tiers but that gets more complicated. Above is the simplest and most effective strategy, so I'd recommened starting with that until you get more experience with the software. There are lots of different tiered strategies, the biggest template I made recently has 6 tiers running continuously.

    Now that's one example of one strategy. You should however experiment and test and develop your own strategies. Most seo's will do things their own way.

    In terms of tools, I just use gsa ser with xevil. That's all you need to rank. Other tools I use are zennoposter to automate processes for my business. Also have rankerx and money robot submitter which I use  for extra link sources.

    Rank tracker to check changes in rank every 7 days. This is how I measure how effective my link building is. If rankings keep going up every week, then things are working as planned. If there are no changes in rank or rankings go down, then something is wrong and needs fixing.
    I don't use things like ahrefs or semrush, as they're just poop data that you have to pay for.
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  • Great thanks for the amazing thread. I learned a lot also please help me with which content source u use in gsa like scrape content or Ai written please tell me. and please share source name also?

  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    For link building I use article forge with word ai. It's the only combo of tools I've found that creates keyword optimised content with spintax. Plus it's all browser based so I have it all automated with zennoposter. It creates content based on a list of keywords, then downloads them and adds super spun titles based on each keyword. 

    For money sites and landing pages I'm using a number of different AI tools, most are based on chat gpt3/4 or equivalent. Article forge, copymatic, onecopy and freshstorebuilder. 

    I'd avoid using scraped content that's spun. AI content is definitely the way to go. 
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