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what does the following error mean (Spinner Chief)

I'm getting a description of Spin-Error when using spinner chief is there any solution to fix this?


  • lxoswynelxoswyne Indonesia
    this is my spinner chief Licence API key

  • SvenSven
    seems like they have a server issue!? This error message "trebuchet MS" comes from there end.
  • lxoswynelxoswyne Indonesia
    @Svendoes "use internal spinner" be checked even though I already have an API KEY license?
    Internal spinner belongs to GSA or from Spinner Provider?

  • SvenSven
    All options on that dialog are from GSA and not depending on the spinners and so the "internal spinner". It is used as last option if the services fail or you have none configured.
    If you want to configure the spinner itself, double click on it.

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