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Best practices when changing content

edited April 2013 in Need Help
What would be considered standard best practices to follow when we change content to a project?
Should we also swap out new emails?
Delete target URL cache?
Delete target  URL history?
New keywords?
Anything else?


Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer
    delete duplicate urls
    check private proxies
    re -verify verified
    check if indexed
    swap SE's

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    Accepted Answer

    If it was me, just clone the project, add the new content and emails then let it rip

    I have just done similar but on a much larger scale than one project



  • Cool... Thanks guys!
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Instead of cloning why not just start a new project
  • @LeeG - I have a quick follow up question if you dont mind.

    How do you manage or wind down your old projects once you've cloned them and started new ones?

  • Bump - Was wondering how you guys are winding down old projects before deleting them?

  • ronron

    @gtsurfs, I've read this thread 3 times and I still don't know what you are doing.

    Usually when people clone, the reason they do so is because they are creating further sub-tiers underneath or coming from the side. So you basically clone to 'add' to a group, not to replace.

    Explain what you mean by 'winding down', and maybe more importantly, explain why you are cloning. Your questions don't fit with what I described, and that's why people may not be responding.


  • edited April 2013
    @Ron - I probably didnt explain it very well - sorry about that.

    I'm just wondering what steps are recommended when its time to change content in a project.

    Seagull's response seemed to be more in line with what I was doing previously - which was just changing content in the project + the check-list he posted.

    LeeG's response seemed to favor replacing (or cloning) the project, adding new content, emails and letting it rip. In that case...If we duplicate a project for the sole purpose of content maintenance, what do you do with the old project? That's what I meant by "winding down".

    Maybe cloning and replacing is where I got confused. 

    GSA can go through a lot of content - so I just wanted to make sure I was doing everything correctly when I needed fresh articles in my projects.


  • ronron
    edited April 2013

    I wouldn't get rid of a project. Just replace the content and you're done.

    How you handle emails is really a separate unrelated decision.

    The one thing about emails that most people don't get is that the email spam list is irrelevant. The IP's get listed *also*, so people are freaking about their emails, and missing the bigger point that they have your IP anyway. So it doesn't matter how many times you change your email.

    An even bigger - and far more important point - is why we really might want to change our email. And the answer is because some platforms might only allow one post per email account. So if you want to have more posts, you need more emails. I could give a rat's behind about the Spam list. I don't see the Spam Police knocking on anybody's door. I would have tears in my eyes if I saw my Spam Rap Sheet on those honeypots.

    As far as content, I don't change it very often. And that's the truth. A lot of people really wring their hands over that stuff. And yet I rank and rank, and it sticks.

    So the bottom line is that you need to be really out there trying stuff to determine if what you hear is garbage disguised as 'common sense'. I see these common sense parrots chirping away all the time about this and that.

    Alright, enough from my soapbox. I feel better for saying all that.

  • @Ron - Thanks for the reply. Just swapping out content is a lot easier too.

    Also, thanks for the email and spam list discussion...

    As for the "soapbox" comment - Please... feel free to get on your soapbox anytime. I always learn something new when you do!


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