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Please bring back this software.

Please bring back the GSA Email Spider program. There's no software that can compare to it.

Other less reliable similar software like Atomic Email Hunter and Sky Email Extractor are still running. 

Why is the GSA Email Spider still out of the market? It doesn't make any sense.

Please don't self-censor and lose one of your guaranteed money maker.

You could host the software in countries with lax rules like Hungary or Russia. What do you think?


  • SvenSven
    Well I have no clue how others survive the spamhouse blacklisting but we can not risk this and lose access to your emails.
    If you have an idea how to not get into trouble, then I would deficiently create a new app superior to all of what is known on this sector.
  • Just posting to help other users, Please delete if it is against the rules.

    If you are looking for an email scraper, here is an open source script. I am not able to compare to Sven's email scraper as it was taken off the market before I found GSA suite of apps.

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