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rajaseo69rajaseo69 Indonesia
edited July 27 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hello, I want to ask anyone here that is GSA are compatible now or not? i'm feeling like every i submit from GSA SER and im indexing using speed links and GSA Indexer, but the fact every backlinks im indexing are not indexed from 3 month pass until now.

Anyone feeling this too?


  • SvenSven
    Im the coder so my answer probably doesn't count, but then again of course GSA tools are not fake - they work and produce backlinks.
    What does a link, not getting indexed, have to do with this question anyway? Isn't it more to the quality of the link then why search engines refuse to get them indexed? And the quality is something you control by filters and the content (e.g. articles). I can not control search engines and what they index.
    We provide just the software, you are defining the SEO strategy and set this up. If this is not working for you, you are blaming the wrong's not the software but your SEO strategy then I would say.
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  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    You've likely got some holes in your strategy.

    FIrstly, I wouldn't worry too much about indexing and wasting your time checking every single link you build. Focus your time on building tiers with good quality content and the crawling/indexing will take care of itself. The search engines mostly ignore links that have zero inbound links. So set up your strategy so that every link in every tier has inbound links built, and the indexing will take care of itself.

    For tiers, you need to focus on a minimum of 3 tiers - this will ensure that your T1 link has a good chance of being indexed. In a 3 tier structure, the T2/3 function to power up the T1. Personally, I'm now building 5 tiers as a minimum with an additional single tier blast pointed at the 5 tiers.

    Every link I build is sent direct to google for crawling, so you need to have a system or use a service that you can send all your links to, to make sure they're 100% crawled atleast - this is the first step towards indexing. If links are not crawled by the googlebot, you've got much less chance of it ever being indexed.

    Even links you send to GSA indexer, the links it makes need to be crawled for them to count. Bear in mind this tool builds single tier links very quickly. Best results will be seen when you point this at the T2/3 or higher. Pointing them at T1 will only complete a 2 tier structure, which these days is quite weak compared to a 3 tier or even 5 tier structure. But you need to get the GSA indexer links crawled for them to count.

    That's a rank check from this morning for one of my Video SEO clients using just GSA SER and nothing else. Been running 5 tier links for a few months on a project with 16,000 url/keyword combos with just 1 GSA SER install.

    I've no idea which links are indexed - I don't check this. I just check my rankings every 7 days. If rankings keep going up, then things are working as planned.

    The tool is not fake. I've got over 140 of them, I can assure you it's not fake. You just need a better strategy. Or maybe you need a better site list.
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  • s_matysiks_matysik
    As for GSA, it all depends on how it is used. If You buy the soft, You have to default base directly in the money site then probably the effect will be poor.

    You need to perform additional steps for there to be effects:
    1. create your own bases
    - Arrange footprints
    - harvest 
    - Filter the base before linking money site

    2. work with GSA templates - you can add your own or edit existing ones

    3. work with indexation
    - Checking indexation after gaining backlinks
    - effective indexation of backlinks that have not entered the index

    4. proper SEO strategy
    - linking appropriately created PBNs
    - Creating a strong Tier1 (e.g. guest posts), then linking GSA into this tier1
  • GSA SER paid my first mortgage.

    But you can't just click a button and expect SEO magic to happen.

    What are the links you're building like quality-wise - do they have a meaningful amount of unique text on them, or are they just a forum profile with a url slapped on it? Google won't bother indexing anything that doesn't have a decent amount of content, especially now they're being drowned with AI-generated content. GSA is not responsible for this.

    Plus I don't think Speedlinks has been fit for purpose for quite a while.
  • Speed links and GSA Indexer use strategy that was actual 15 years ago. Now it doesn't work at all. GSA SER is good for building link tiers.  Don't waste time for speed links or GSA indexer. Better add a couple of tiers of links from articles or profiles
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