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What numbers are you getting for verified links? - Does yours just stop after around 8k?

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Hi there, just wondering if others are getting similar numbers to me?

For example, I have around 15 projects and they all seem to speed up to around 5,000 verified and then slow down to around 7-8k.. then from here on there is basically no change and it all comes to a halt..

So lets say I was competing for a competitive industry and wanted around 100k verified- I feel like it would be impossible with GSA, or am I doing something wrong?

Has anyone tackled this already?


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    I'm getting these results today using global lists ~11k verified...

    100k verified i'm nowhere near close to that, i would imagine esp for 1 project u would need some type of large glboal list.

    * sorry not sure how ot attach an image here is the link

  • ronron
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    @Insane, sure anything is possible, even 100K verified per day. Just keep in mind that even at the level of links that Lee builds, you would need several pc's, ser's and cb's to pull that off. But it can be done.

    I'm not talking about a one day trophy with a site list. I'm talking about doing it consistently every day, you would need multiple instances.

  • numbers don't mean anything. 1000 social bookmarks. and now? they got less linkjuice than 10 good articles from domains with good DA..
  • @ron yeh fair call.. I guess I'll only really need that for VERY competitive terms anyway.. but was wondering.. hehe cheers
  • you can cross those numbers atleast. I mean i got 30k for a health site (keyword list was general english words 10K word list) in a month with 250 threads. I got 72K verified in a month with 400 threads on a kimsufi ssd server with 64 gb ram and a wordlist of 4 million words.

    Remember that proxies play a very important part too. You should change them weekly (if private) or hourly if public. Also do not select all SEs. Try using well known languages (most used ones online).

    And finally a pre-scraped list can do the trick for you if GSA does not. I mean hrefer, scrapebox etc. I did load a one week scraped list in GSA using hrefer and got over 27K verified. This is nice considering GSA takes over a month to scrape that many verifiable sites.
  • Wow, first time knowing Amit is also a SER user, happy with that.
  • Thanks for the tips @wacadmin ;

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