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Possible to use titles generated by openai?

Hello I have been using OpenAI to generate articles in gsa ser and also gsa content generator. While the content I get is great, one thing I am trying to figure out is how to use openai to also generate titles for the articles. 

I gsa ser, it automatically set the titles as %generate_title% but the titles generated this way are far from ideal, some of them don't even make sense. Similar thing happens in gsa content generator, I can select the titles and ask gsa content generator to generate titles but most of them come out weird.

OpenAI is able to generate articles but I'm not how to use them in ser and content generator. Is this even possible? Can someone please share if you know how to do it? Thank you. 


  • rastarrrastarr Thailand
    Why don't you just use GSASER? You really just need your keyword in the title, right?

    You can also copy that title and then paste it in to all the other articles, if you want.
    Select all articles and then right-click -

    and then choose 'Enter' and then paste

  • JayJayJayJayJayJay Malaysia
    edited July 2023
    Hey rastarr,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I did try that option but sometimes titles generated this way look kind of funny and most of the time either too general or do not relate to the content. OpenAi can generate really good titles and I was thinking how I can use those instead.

    This is some of the titles generated by content generator with "earrings" as keyword:

    "The Death Of Earrings And The right way to Keep away from It"

    "4 Romantic Cute Earrings Vacations"

    "How can you lose cash with Our Earrings"

  • JodieleachJodieleach fdshf
    edited July 2023
    Hello,Manual title creation: Instead of relying solely on OpenAI, manually create or refine the titles based on the content generated. This allows you to tailor the titles to your specific needs and ensure they align with the article's purpose.  Use OpenAI for inspiration: Generate multiple article variations with OpenAI and use the generated content as inspiration for creating your own titles. Analyze the key points, main ideas, or unique angles presented in the generated content and craft appropriate titles based on those insights.  Experiment with different prompts: Adjust the prompts you provide to OpenAI when generating content to elicit more title-worthy outputs. You can try specifying desired attributes of the title or experimenting with different sentence structures to guide OpenAI towards generating suitable titles.   upsers account

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