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Email Verification -ERR[AUTH] Username and password...

SaraMouseSaraMouse India
edited July 2023 in Need Help
I have added one Gmail account and enable pop3 from Settings
Your E-Mail:
Pop3-Server:  Port: 995 Use SSL: Yes
Login: the same emailID as mentioned above Password: Gmail account password

I am able to login with the same emailID and password on G-mail but when I am testing it on GSA Search Engine Ranker it is showing "-ERR[AUTH] Username and password..."

Gmail is number verified - 2factor authentication is also removed still I am facing this issue.

Please help. @Sven


  • AliTabAliTab

    I believe you can not use Gmail accounts after they removed the less secure apps configuration. You'd better use catchall emails and other available webmails.

    @Sven Topic change, please. It's not related to SERLib.
  • I have tried creating webmails on a domain made IMAP enable using but still, I was not able to do it the above same error I was getting. Do you have any idea regarding this?
  • @Sven I have created webmails using a domain which catchall server Should I use which is POP3 enable? eg. yahoo, mailru, gmail, etc. I have newly purchased GSA SER can you please help?
  • SvenSven
    for gmail you need to use the app password, for other accounts the pop3/imap settings they offer.
  • Thank you @Sven
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