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Received A lot of Email Spam After Using GSA

jasonchengjasoncheng Malaysia
edited July 2023 in Need Help
It is work fine for my email before I was using GSA ser ranker to create backlinks, but currently I received a lot of spam from my email after I using the software. 

Anyone experience it ? I am not sure whether is because the GSA ser ranker and cause this issues happen, I am not using my real email to create backlinks, I have buy catchall email. I am just put my email on my website only. 


  • sickseosickseo London,UK
    I suspect it's because your website is more visible in the search engines and these people that use bots to scrape contact data from websites are finding your website and email address. Once they get your contact email, they'll keep spamming it as they compile email lists and use this as their database to do email marketing.

    So yes it's normal and a side effect of doing SEO. Best thing you can do is to block their sending email and add it to junk.
  • To paraphrase Oscar Wilde - "There is only one thing worse in the world than your website being emailed, and that is your website not being emailed"  :D
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