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Strange Error in GSA


I am using 50 private proxies, Xevil. & GSA CB for captchas and verified Link Lists.

Previously GSA was running fine it was building backlinks but now suddenly it has stopped building links, threads are running but at the speed which logs pop in the log window is comparatively slower than earlier. I'm just getting this error message:

"No targets to post to (no search engines chosen, no url extraction chosen, no scheduled posting)"

I checked on the forum as well but got mixed responses, so not sure why is it showing up because there are links in the folders and even in the logs I'm seeing loaded URLs from site lists, and when I'm clicking on show the remaining target URLs links are showing there.

Please help me out with this 

@sven @organiccastle @the_other_dude @Smeklinis


  • Hi @Sven

    Can you please help me figure out why this error is coming? 
  • 'No targets to post to' means that SER has run out of urls to submit to. You need to feed it more urls, via either scraping, importing a new list, or deleting project history and going for round 2 of your current list.
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