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GSA SER Project Pauses Abruptly. Limiting Verified Links and Improving VPM Speed

Hey everyone, I'm facing an issue with my GSA Search Engine Ranker (SER) project and could use some guidance. I have set a limit for the project to pause after reaching 800 verified links in a day. However, I've noticed that the project pauses much earlier, usually after building only 150 or 200 links. To get it running again, I have to manually click on the project and select 'OK'. It then resumes building links as expected. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem?

In addition to this, I've been using for a verified links list, but I'm not satisfied with the VPM (Verified Per Minute) speed. The majority of the links provided by are from South Korea (.kr) and they predominantly offer Exploit, Indexer, and URL Shortener links, with very few blogs, comments, forums, bookmarking links, and others.

Currently, I'm running GSA on 700 threads with 30-40 proxies, utilizing Xevil as my captcha solver. Despite these settings, I'm only achieving a VPM of 3-4. If I include Indexer, Shortener, and Exploit options in any project, the VPM may increase to 8-10, but I prefer not to have these types of links.

Could anyone recommend a reliable vendor for verified links lists that can provide better VPM? I'm looking for more links from the USA, UK, and other countries instead of South Korea. It would be great if the links offered a combination of Wiki, blogs, edu, gov, etc., rather than being predominantly shorter or indexer links.

Furthermore, I've been wondering if Google still values Exploit, Indexer, and Shortener links. If anyone has any insights on this matter, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you all in advance for your assistance!"

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  • SvenSven
    It will slow down as it has submitted the rest of the remaining URLs and is awaiting the verifications and can not submit anymore to risk going over the limit.
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  • Yes, it can slow down but my point is the whole project is getting paused and it's not starting again even after verifications are completed and the limit is still left. 
  • SvenSven
    could be the global setting to lower threads on high mem/cpu usage?
  • no, it's not checked 
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