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Good VPS for GSA Website Contact

I'm looking for a good VPS server to run GSA website contact 24/7.

I will be using private proxies, but I don't want to have issues with the hosting provider, like getting banned for example.

Any recommendations?


  • SvenSven
    get one from Thats the best option in my eyes! Perfect setup, best support.
  • Thank you Sven. I'll get mine there.

    Just a quick question: is the HighlineMax with 3gb of RAM enough to run GSA Contact, and GSA Captcha Breaker together?

  • SvenSven
    yes should be fine...though 6GB of RAM is better here ;)
  • Understood. Thank you so much.
  • DerryHowellDerryHowell Kansas
    edited July 12
    I've been in your shoes, trying to balance performance with a provider that understands and supports tools like GSA without restrictions or bans.

    I've heard positive things about DMCA Ignored Hosting's flexibility and tolerance for various online tools and projects. If you're considering it, this site at has some useful info to help you decide.

    When choosing a VPS, I look for providers with good uptime, responsive customer support, and clear policies on proxy usage. These factors can really make a difference in keeping your setup running smoothly without unexpected interruptions.

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