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OpenAI generating same title for multiple articles

Hello, I have been trying to generate articles in bulk using Content Generator + OpenAI. The articles come out fine but all of them share the same title (content is unique) and I have to manually change them one by one. I tried to tell openai to write with unique title for each but that didnt help. Has anyone experienced similar problem and how can we solve this please? It is kind of time cunsuming to read through all articles and give them meaningful titles one by one. 


  • JayJayJayJayJayJay Malaysia
    edited June 2023
    Oh I  think I have figured it out:

    > Select your project in Content Generator
    >> Select the articles generated by openAI
    >>> Right Click 
    >>>> select " Change Title for Selected Articles"
    >>>> select "Generate"

    The software does a pretty good job assigning new and relevant titles for each article.
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  • @Sven can you check this i am facing the same issue.
  • SvenSven
    well, thats what OpenAI generates, who am I to judge on that. You can however change the duplicate tiles afterwards via right click.
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