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does SER aware of XEvil maximum threads?

does SER aware of XEvil maximum threads?
My XEvil is near the 50 maximum thread level most of the time.
I wonder if SER can detect this and limit sending request to XEvil, or just let it timeout / fail?


  • SvenSven
    there is a fixed 50 thread limit by SER for this engine as previous tests showed it will work best this way. You can change this in the ini file for this service, but I don't suggest doing so.
  • Great to hear that. May I know how SER handles these 50 limit?

    For example, which method is being used.

    Method 1: Internally queue and keep track of websites that need XEvil service. Process them within 50 threads limit. Only submit website when 50 thread slots are availble.

    Method 2: Process submission as fast as possible. Let websites that need XEvil service, but there is no slot available (50 threads are busy processing existing requests) to time out. These websites will fail submission, unless user has checked Project Data > Option > "Retry to submit to previously failed submitted sites"?

    Thank you. 
  • SvenSven
    If the 50 slots are used, the site which also needs to use XEvil will wait in the queue to be next when one free slot is available.
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